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Ocamora lies near the historic village of Ocate, New Mexico where the foothills of the Rocky Mountains meet the Great Plains. The area is steeped in Indian, Hispanic and Anglo pioneer history. Just east of Ocate lies the mountain route of the famous Sante Fe Trail which attracted courageous men, women, and children to the West to discover their
destinies and pursue their dreams for a new life. Large ranches occupy the old buffalo commons to the east, while the high country to the west is home to hawks, eagles, elk, turkeys, mountain lions and black bear. Nearby mountains draw hikers, skiers, and wilderness enthusiasts.

Situated in a lush mountain valley at 7500 feet, Ocamora comprises 265 acres of pristine wilderness surrounded by hillsides green with oak and pine. The property includes a year round stream as well as fresh spring. The fields are luxuriant in summer with alfalfa and hay, and the wooden fence lines separate the pastures from the heirloom apple orchard and low buildings nestled among the cottonwood trees. A powerful reminder of earlier times, there is an ancient stone circle on the property and, in two separate locations, Indian petroglyphs. The power and integrity of this relatively untouched land is still intact.

Weather ranges from the calm and gentle to the herocially dramatic. The climate in this part of New Mexico provides 340 sunny days per year on average. Summer temperatures range from 75 – 85 degrees. The average annual rainfall is 15 – 25 inches – much of it coming with dramatic thunder and lightning during late July and August afternoons. Apple blossoms arrive in April and May; a tapestry of autumn colors highlight the mountainsides in September and October. Winter features brilliant light, deep quiet and varied snowfalls – sometimes with an accumulation of 6 – 10 inches. Night skies are truly dark and the silence potent.