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Pattie Cavalletto, born in Santa Barbara, California, grew up on a family lemon ranch. She realized at an early age a deep love of unspoiled nature and the spaciousness and solitude of country life. After college, she lived in Europe for a decade - in Paris and then on two Greek islands, Crete and Skiathos. In Greece she lived as a traditional peasant, matching her efforts with her ideals of living an authentic sustainable life. During the 1970’s, living again in Santa Barbara, Pattie experienced a vision of creating a retreat center that would offer others an opportunity to experience the self-reflection and peace she knew in her own deep communion with nature. Her dear friend from Europe, Michael Broome, joined her in this vision. Together they were drawn to Ocate, New Mexico and the land that became the Ocamora Foundation. In 1981 they began building facilities and offering children’s camps and retreats. The fulfilling work of Ocamora went through many organic transformations during their 21 years of service. In 2002, Pattie and Broome closed Ocamora to retire to simpler forms of creativity. Although Pattie split her life between Ocate and Kauai for several years, she is now home again in the Ocamora Valley where she is glad to enjoy a greater ease while allowing others to carry on the work.

Michael Broome grew up in Leichester, England where his father was a barge captain on the Norfolk Broads. After receiving his education, he apprenticed to a watchmaker for five years before going on to Arts College to become a photographer. As a photojournalist in London during the sixties, he joined an expedition up the Nile River with Sir Randolf Fienes. Somewhere in the southern Sudan he was involved in an life threatening accident which left him badly burned. This near- death experience changed his life at a core level. Upon returning Broome moved from London into an old rectory on the island of Angelsey in North Wales and devoted his time to painting and pottery. For over ten years, he lived a country life, growing his own food and exploring the meaning of existence. Leaving Wales in 1979, he spent a year in Yalapa, Mexico before coming to the US to join his dear friend, Pattie, on her quest. Michael Boome has continued to paint and make pottery during his years in Ocate. He believes that the whole of life is a creative process.