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September 1 - 7, 2018

FEEDING THE MOON: Exploring the Alchemical Mysteries of Creativity and the Divine Feminine
led by
Monika Wikman, Ph.D. and Diane Haug, MA, LPCC

Open to the Public

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During this residential retreat for women we will explore the alchemical mysteries and motifs that connect us deeply to our own creativity and experience of the divine feminine. Defining 'creativity' as 'living with creative spirit', we celebrate all of the manifestations of spirit that define a women's life. Using highly experiential modalities such as Grof Holotropic Breathwork, Jung's active imagination, dreamwork, art, journal writing, movement, bodywork, and guided time in nature, we will 'seed' the imagination in a sacred process of deep inner exploration and self-expression. In addition to the healing and renewal inherent in the process, this cultivation of the unique and precious 'creative spirit' in each of us can act as a powerful antidote to the despair and disenchantment that so easily affects our lives in these complex and challenging times.