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Sept 1 - 7, 2024

Biomimicry for social innovation helps leaders and change makers learn from nature and apply evolutionary intelligence to cultivating a thriving, resilient, and regenerative world.
This retreat is for people of all ages and backgrounds who identify as female or non-binary, including a wide range of gender expression.

Are you looking for proven strategies to help lead toward a sustainable and regenerative future? Are you curious about nature’s intelligence as a model for leadership practice, organizational strategy, or social change?

The call of our time is for women to step forward to lead in new ways, embody approaches that are adaptive, resilient, collaborative, networked – practices that the natural world has masterfully evolved over nearly 4 billion years. With nature as our teacher, we explore the mountains, grasslands, and organisms of this stunning northern New Mexico retreat center, and practice the skills to connect with nature, deepen our relationships with life, and translate nature’s strategies into transformative leadership practices for thriving communities, organizations, and social change initiatives.